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As representatives of the membership of the Five Star Equities Group orginization, the Board of Directors and our entire staff and affiliates are the primary force working to realize the opportunities for the service and the fulfillment of the obligations set forth to the association as a single entity, and to the library of informative services.

Everard Davis

Chairman & CEO

CHAIRMAN & CEO 40+ year veteran business and development consultant with successful business, advertising, and marketing records well-known in the USA, Africa, Europe, and Bermuda.

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Jacque Dillard

Chief Financial Officer

The Architect | The agent and authorized mandate to help clients buy or sell industrial and consumer goods & services through a vast network of resource providers.

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François Ngomba

Director of International Affairs

Cameroonian-born | Businessman and consultant with over 25 years of extensive travel around the world; knowledge of the globe; fluent in French, English, and many native languages.

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Ronette Lounds

Executive Real Estate Advisor

MaryKay Consultant | Real estate advisor helping clients ensure their real estate investments perform up to their potential.

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Kin Ming Lam

Executive Vice President

China Global Consultants, Hong Kong - Founder | Responsible for providing strategic informative leadership and high-level relations with the governments.

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Adams Mohammed

Life Insurance Agent

Regional Manager - Tanzania Mining Geotechnical Engineer and Project Manager with 20 years of experience.

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