Quick Contact

    Ronette Lounds

    Executive Real Estate Advisor +1 (904) 414-9697  |  me.myself.vip@gmail.com


    Property owner. Advisor and investor in properties. Florida & Bermuda

    She deploys her efforts and emphasis on research, analysis, planning, strategy, financing and similar concerns. 

    When clients are investing their money, I love to see them smile even though they are not feeling their best about parting with it.

    Areas of Expertise


    Business owner. Owner & Operator BP Gas station and food store.


    Team Leader, Software Design and Development, Gioches


    Staff Manager, Butterfield Bank, Bermuda.


    • Identify investment opprtunities
    • Order supplies for operations
    • Issues purchase orders for departments
    • Manage orders for all departments
    • Report directly to the CFO