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We are connected globally, providing strategic consultations including many African leaders, importers, exporters, miners, wholesalers and merchant owners throughout many industries.

Innovative ways of connecting with people across multiple cultures and environments with extensive international business strategy experience throughout the world.

Assisting under-developed countries to realize their wealth by implementing strategic partnering alliances utilizing their natural resources including oil.

Tailored investments and banking solutions. Successfully exporting and importing precious metals and commodities directly from the point of origin to the final destination.

Meet Our Global Logistics
Team Providing Solutions

As U.S. registered licensed importers, we safely import the precious raw commodities into the U.S., refine, cut and shape them the best possible ways. We process large and small quantities of diamonds, gold, platinum, palladium, copper, cobalt and much more.

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We were the First in the industry to innovatively sell directly online and has been providing First Class Service for the industry for more than 40 years.
The only way to maintain this status is built entirely on quick, competitive and trusting services to thousands of stores and clients throughout the United States and the World.
FSEG - Working with Partners globally:

  • We have been providing high quality services
  • Ascertaining the best possible solutions and
  • Logistics for our clients in the commodities sector.


Helping Small

FSEG provides comprehensive financial consulting services that assists you in taking control of your future by structuring programs that best suits your financial goals globally.

Our Services

FSEG & Partners has been providing high quality services,
ascertaining the best possible solutions and logistics for our clients in the commodities sector.

"We may not do everything,
we strive to do everything well."

Metals & Gems

More than 50 years of experience in refining precious metals and 40 years in the diamond & precious gems industry.

Simple Business

We provide comprehensive financial consulting services that assist clients in proactively taking control of their future goals.

Jet Travel

We are commited to providing tailored services and access to the largest network of private jet operators delivering world-class services globally.

Private & Security

We provide private security and reliable chauffeur driven transportation services for airport and corporate travel globally.

Hello, I’m François NGOMBA — International Coach and Business Speaker

FNBC's President - We are multidimensional consultancy, audit, analysis, support, development, project implementation firm in emerging markets with specificity for the African continent. I totally see the important role Bermuda plays in the not-so-far distance and working directly with Five Star Equities.